Where is my hairbrush?

The mind is an interesting thing. I first heard The Hairbrush Song from the VeggieTales videos more than fifteen years ago. It came back into my mind a few months ago, and why I can't stop thinking about it is anybodies guess.

One would think that the precious, sometimes fleeting, brain cells in my head could be put to better use. But no, I walk around humming "Oh where is my hairbrush?" day after day. It's a cute song and it makes me smile, so I guess it's okay.

This picture is my little Chelsea after a bath during the blow-dry section of the grooming routine. She looks like she could use a hairbrush, doesn't she?!


Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

I hate it when a song gets stuck in my head for days!

We have Delta Dental Plan and everytime I hear that name I start singing "Delta Dawn"!

Cute pooch!

Star said...

She looks like she enjoyed the whole procedure. She looks almost sleepy and contented.
Blessings, Star

Karen Walker said...

I have songs stuck in my head all the time, since I practice singing every day. It's when I put my head down to go to sleep and I'm singing inside my head that it drives me whacky.the doggie is adorable.

Pat's Place said...

That reminds me that I planned to give our border collie a bath this a.m. Still trying to get her hair in the back under control before she gets all matted! Your dog is so cute!

Carmen said...

Oh, I was so there! Only my song went like this:

Pollywog in a bog
Someday you'll be a frog,
sitting on a hollow log,
Pollywog in a bog.

Every morning for days on end it was the first thought I had. Cute, but frustrating!

Nancy said...

Nice and clean. Always nice when it comes to our dogs, yes?