It is almost exactly one year ago that I took the time to write down six goals that I had. I pulled those goals out this morning to check on my progress and was pleased to find that I could check the first four as "done" or "in progress".

Alas, the last two will move forward onto the next list that I make. In fact, I suspect that the last one will be on every list I ever make. That elusive goal? Relax!

I am just one of those people who struggles with stress and finding that perfect balance between doing and being, between worrying and letting go, between being mellow and being a stark-raving crazy woman. At least I recognize it and that's the first step in changing it, right?

I have a suspicion that a couple of items on my five year plan will go a long way toward helping me with the relaxation goal, but it's something I still need to be mindful of in the here and now. So, as I ponder my list of goals for next year, relaxation and stress management will be at the top instead of the bottom.

What goals have you been able to cross off of your list recently?