Manderley - Part 2

We are honored the next morning to go to the home in town where the couple who own Manderley now live.  They welcome us into our home and talking with them feels like talking with old friends.  Gerry has brought questions about Manderley, and we spend a pleasant hour talking about life on the land with the Husband and Wife. 

Later we all meet at Manderley: Gerry and I, the Realtor, the Husband and Wife, and the Young Man who farms the quarter-section of land that makes up part of Manderley. The Wife and I naturally migrate toward the garden.  She shows me the hot bed where she would normally be starting lettuce at this time of year, I can tell that she will miss life on the farm.  

Gerry, the Realtor, the Husband and the Young Man move toward the quonset and the barn discussing, I assume, the land and the farming equipment stored in the massive silver structure.  I wish I could be with them at the same time as I am with the Wife.  I want to know everything about Manderley.

The Wife tells me about early life on the farm; she points out to me the location of the original house that has long since been torn down.  She tells me of the early years after she had married the Husband and come to live on the farm.  The history is almost palpable as I listen and drink in the prairie with my eyes.

Eventually the men join us and arrangements are made.  Gerry and I will stay at Manderley for a time longer, while everyone else returns to their day.  We want to walk the land; we need to talk and pray.


Hill Country Hippie said...

Don't leave us on tenterhooks!

Stella Jones said...

Are you thinking of buying a farm then? My goodness, that's a big undertaking. Good luck with your decision.
Blessings, Star