Finding happiness

My challenge for today is to find joy and happiness in simple things. While much of the world is in turmoil at this time, and job loss is rampant all around, it is difficult not to get caught up in despair.

This week it is hitting close to home in my own place of work, and many people are finding out that they will no longer have jobs. All circumstances are different, and the impact will differ for each one, but I grieve for all of them, and pray for each one. Yesterday, someone likened it to losing members of our family. So you see even for those of us who remain, while thankful for our jobs, we are still impacted.

So, today let's look for happiness in simple things. Here is my morning list.

1. The big eyes of my Yorkies as they look up at me and "smile". They do so!

2. Pulling out my summer sandals and letting me feet go free again. No more black sock boogie every morning!

3. Tonight I expect to finish the book I'm currently reading, and I'm looking forward to starting on a new one. Therese Fowler's Reunion.

4. Wicking pajamas. Don't ask.

5. Chocolate. Need I say more?

Why don't you join me today. Tell me about the simple things that make you happy!


Deb said...

spending time with my family,sitting on my patio swing drinking iced tea or lemonaide watching the sun come up or go down, putting in a hard day working in my flower beds,watching American Idol and text messaging with my best friend from high school, going for a walk, riding my bicycle for pleasure, bedtime my husband and I recapping the day while getting snuggles from the boys (our schnauzers) now those things make me happy!

Melissa Marsh said...

My daugther's smile and her hug this morning before I dropped her off at school...

My co-workers - I am blessed to have very good friends among them...

My job!


The shining sun and warm temperatures outside.

My cat meowing "Good Morning!"

Karen said...

I love #2!

I would add my new bench on the front porch, iced tea with lemon, tulips, my daughter's hugs, the sound of my husband's footsteps when he comes home at night.

Literary Nut said...

Hmm, so many things I feel I have to be thankful two wonderful dogs, the great weather, opportunities to meet new people, phone calls from a friend and my grandmother, that I'm one day closer to my husband coming home next month, the flowers I bought myself yesterday...oh I could go on and on!

The Sunshine Jew said...

My family's closeness; a surprisingly amazing restaurant last night; peace and quiet at work; finally getting an oil change for my poor car; finding excellent parking at work.

Beverlydru said...

Talking on the phone with my daughters, my husband's delight wiht a lovingly prepared meal, a good book, springtime!

Terri Tiffany said...

Got to love those wicking pj's!
Thankful for my health --and I know it is hard for those left with jobs-my husband felt that way for months as he let others go until it was his turn. BOth sides are hard to deal with but we are where we are and like you said--find that happiness where we can!!

Carmen Gamble said...

Hmmm, sounds like fun. Let see...spending time with my good friends, the smell of the pies baking in the oven, spending the next 4 days with my hubby, holding my grandson, letting the music move me, resting in Him! Oh, and of course, Chocolate!