Arms of Adoption

I'm starting a second blog.  I mentioned recently that I've been astounded at the number of people I come into contact with who have been touched in some way by adoption. I've also observed, as I've been here-and-there in cyberspace that there is a lot of negative information floating around on the subject.

Adoption, by it's very nature, is not a perfect situation.  That said I am confident that the blessings outweigh the negative aspects; at least they did in my case.  My goal with this new blog is to provide balance to the information that is out there and to provide a place where others who see the positive can share their stories. 

We can all make a choice to focus on the positive and that is what I am trying to do.  I hope you'll join me over at  Arms of Adoption, and I hope you will share your positive adoption stories by sending them to armsofadoption at

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Janna Leadbetter said...

That's wonderful, Linda! Good luck with this new endeavor.