Blog Award, Company's Coming, and Kindle Subscriptions

It's a happy day in the Velvet Room today! There are lots of fun and exciting things happening around here!

First of all, thank you to Kathy at To Write is to Write is to Write for giving me the Silver Lining Award. Click over to her blog and read an entertaining tale of how this came to be. It brought a smile to my face!

It's summer time, and I mentioned earlier that I am loving the heat-wave that we're enjoying. Another thing I like about summer is company. I'm pleased to let you know that in the coming weeks we're having company here at My Own Velvet Room! That's all I'm going to say for now, so stay tuned for some surprises this summer!

Here is a piece of news I am excited about. It's now possible to subscribe to My Own Velvet Room and Arms of Adoption on your Kindle!  Really, isn't it an amazing world we live in.


kim said...

Sounds like a fun summer! Congrats the award!

Pat's Place said...

More and more technology for me to learn! But that is part of the challenge of life, isn't it? To always be learning new things?

Susan Ideus said...

On my Kindle? Do tell me how please! That would be great as I still don't always have Internet, but my Kindle is on all of the time!

You've piqued my curiosity about the "company" that will be in the Velvet Room. I'll be watching!

Jill Kemerer said...

Very cool! I had no idea you could read blogs on a Kindle. Have a great weekend!

Linda Hoye said...

Kim, fun abounds around here these days!
Pat,isn't it a blessing to have an opportunity to learn and try new things. It's really quite astounding how far we've come so quickly.
Sid, if you go to Amazon and search for "My Own Velvet Room" you'll find it (you could also click on the link in the post). Unfortunately Amazon charges $1.99 to subscribe to a blog. Anyone can have their blog published on the Kindle!

Jill, I hope your weekend is sunny and wonderful!

Karen said...

Linda, congrats on the award! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Thinking of you in the sun, Linda!

I can't wait for a visit or two. ;) And the whole Kindle thing--particularly in relation to blogs--astounds me.