Reading Material

When I'm traveling, one of the ways I like to amuse myself is to try and catch a glimpse of the titles of books that fellow-travelers are reading. It's a form of people-watching, I suppose. I also like to hear from friends and family about the books they’ve been reading. (Like The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship - thanks Nicole!) I think that the reading choices people make say a lot about them.

It's not only books that reveal the character and interest of an individual, it's also magazines. Here's what's on the stack of "to reads" in my house at any given time.

I've been reading Good Housekeeping for more years than I can count.

I always learn something new when I read the Ladies' Home Journal.

To keep on top of current events Time has to be on the list.

And to keep abreast with news from Canada, I enjoy Macleans.

More recently, I've been enjoying Hobby Farm Home (ahh...Manderley...sigh)

The latest issue of Mary Jane's Farm arrived in the mail yesterday.

I enjoyed the TV show in the past and now I'm enjoying the magazine as well Harrowsmith Country Life

Whenever I am in Canada I always pick up the latest copy of Chatelaine and Canadian Living. I think Chatelaine takes the prize for the magazine I've been reading for the longest period of time.  I was a teenager when I started reading Mom's copy, and for a time there was a version for younger women called Miss Chatelaine.

Okay, your turn. What magazines arrived in your mailbox or found their way into your shopping bag lately?


Deb said...

I never seem to find time to read magazines anymore...maybe in the winter...

Anonymous said...

Ohh, good topic. I was just searching through old magazines and wondered about renewing Country Living. I enjoyed the lovely stories, pics and recipes. And the teen here has of course her lot of teen mags. x0

Anonymous said...

Cat Fancy, a Christmas gift from my husband.

BTW, I've just given you the Silver Lining Award.

Linda Hoye said...

Deb, I hear you. I get overloaded with all the reading material at my disposal!
Kimmi, I love Country Living! I had to pare down my subscriptions for the reason I just mentioned!
Kathy, thank you!! I love your blog post, and I think we must be kindred spirits. I like clicking around and figuring things out too! Thank you again!