Feels Soy Good

It's interesting that when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol I made a less-than-half-hearted (and unsuccessful) attempt to control it with diet and exercise but when Gerry was diagnosed with high cholesterol a few months ago I got down to the serious business of paying close attention to what we eat. (Why I didn't pay attention when it was only me affected is likely the subject for another blog post one day.)

One of the changes we made is to switch from cows milk to soy milk. I don't drink milk per se, but I do like my lattes and prefer them with half coffee and half milk (heavy on the milk), and I use milk on my Bran Buds (another concession to aging) in the morning. I've also been turning more toward a vegetarian diet and enjoy a healthy sprinkling of diced tofu on my daily salads.

Physically I have been feeling good since making these small changes but one day a few weeks ago something odd happened. I was walking down the hall at work one afternoon and it was as if the curtains of my mind were thrown open and my thinking was crystal clear. Now, I know this may sound strange for those who have never experienced mid-life brain fog like I have for a few years, but the sudden change in perception was so strong that I had to call Gerry and tell him about it.

I've been enjoying this clarity and attribute it to the switch to soy. It's been such a pronounced change that it's been easy for me to stick to my small lunch salads, miniscule dinner portions, and just one (very large) soy latter per day. I feel like "me" again.

So why is it that when stress comes, as it always does at this busiest time of year at work, I revert back to craving pasta and parmesan cheese for dinner? Two nights this week of a bowl of pasta comfort and I can feel the difference.

So now I find myself in a quandry. Do I choose healthy eating and feel like I can conquer anything, or put my jammies on and dive into a bowl of pasta at the end of a tough day?



Anonymous said...

Very interesting about the soy. I go through the same process--when I see skinny husband has to buy larger jeans, I go into action. Never mind that I've been buying increasingly larger jeans for years. Living without wheat, sugar, potatoes, white stuff in general keeps my mind clear. But when stress appears, the siren song of pasta calls, preferably frozen lasagna. No fuss, no muss, throw it into the oven, and Aaaahhhhhhh, tranquility.

Hill Country Hippie said...

I think you need some of both, to achieve true balance.

Linda Hoye said...

Kathy - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is tuned in to the lure of the pasta song!
Becky - You're probably right. Balance in everything is always best.

Karen said...

Linda, wow, you are doing good with your diet. I'm horrible at it. I think, one bowl, on occasion is okay. Especially when you know how good you feel with "good" food.

Hey, I'm preaching to me, too. I just choose not to listen.:P