Boxing Day

In Canada the day after Christmas is Boxing Day and it is also a holiday. In many ways, Boxing Day was my favorite holiday in December. The hurry and stress was behind, and it was a day for relaxation.

We usually spent a quiet day enjoying books that we have received or purchased for Christmas, eating turkey sandwiches, working on a jig-saw puzzle, and other low key things like that.

Now that we live in our "new" country, Boxing Day is no longer a holiday. I'm thankful that this year the day after Christmas is actually a day off for us so we can continue the Boxing Day tradition this year!


Angie Ledbetter said...

Hope your "day in the ring" is full of relaxation and laid back activities. Thanks for the nice comment at our YOG blog too. :)

Linda said...

LOL Angie....took me a minute or two to get the "day in the ring" connection, but when I did it made me laugh!

Hope you're having a good "day in the ring" as well!

kat magendie said...

Hi Linda -- glad you stopped by the YOG *smiling* --

There is that "solitude and quiet" to the day after Christmas - a letting out of breath, but at the same time, an almost sad feeling that it's over mixed with the relief it's all over...!